Forecasting the Future of a Changing Field

Join us for the 12th year of the most comprehensive event on Compound & Sample Management in the US!

Drive scientific advancement through efficient management of your vast, diverse, and ever-changing compound libraries and biobanks.

As our investigators fine tune their skills in identifying new assays that can lead to the emergence of breakthrough medicines, they must be able to swiftly access and use the compounds needed for development. Lapses in supply, compromised quality, and siloed data all lead to delays in new drugs getting to the patients’ who need them. Through empowering a cross-functional, global team to effectively manage lab operations from sample management to data integrity to advanced automation, the drug discovery process will reach new heights.

We have expanded our focus in 2016 to address the most pressing topics in compound AND biological sample management. While the two sides often share challenges, it is important to recognize key synergies and differences in order to take the most proactive management approach.

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What will you learn in 2016?


Efficiently track compounds & bio samples throughout your collection to ensure quality and allow for strategic additions


Manage the volume and complexity of data collected through high-throughput screening


Integrate your IT and equipment for an enhanced informatics infrastructure that further supports lab operations


Discuss trends in lab automation and robotics that are changing the landscape of drug discovery


Explore the direct impact of compound & sample management on lead discovery through to clinical trials


Review the benefits of taking a phenotypic screening approach over traditional methods


Streamline your CRO communication through stringent site checks of their compound management processes


Adopt a “do more with less” mentality to optimize your sample usage and minimize waste


Master the detailed international shipping regulations for transporting both compound and biological samples across borders


Collaborate with partners both corporate and academic to further innovation in drug discovery


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