August 28-30, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

Media Center | 13th Compound and Sample Management Summit

13th Compound & Sample Management Summit Agenda

New for C+SM13 – this year, we are honing in on the specific challenges that both big and small pharma research laboratories and libraries face, in order to present best-in-class strategies that will enable you and your team to work smarter, scale faster, and create greater value for your organization.

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CTOs, General Managers, and Compound Logistics Specialists representing top industry brands are already signing up to join us at the summit. Take a look at last year's attendee list and let us know if you would like to join these professionals.

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Exclusive Content

[Interactive] Automation Fundamentals Guide for Compound Management

Empower your technicians by freeing up their valuable time. Decrease their need to perform laborious, time-consuming tasks by implementing automation into your laboratory operations. Allow your technicians to focus their expertise on advancements in drug discovery. That is the end goal of automation... getting there is another story. We highly recommend you scan this fundamentals review, so you are on the same page as your peers going into the summit.

Automation Fundamentals Guide for Compound Management

Your scientists have their hands full with projects that require a high level of expertise – is it necessary to have them performing rote tasks like filling tubes? Turns out, not any more… automation is sweeping the industry, and should rightly be piquing your interest. We’ve put together an advice package to start your exploration of this opportunity in advance of the Summit.

Exclusive Q&A: Ryan M. Winters, Manager - Biosample Repository Facility, Fox Chase Cancer Center

NEW FOR 2017: Join us for the 13th Compound and Sample Management Summit in Philadelphia, for an on-site tour to Fox Chase Cancer Center, and experience first-hand the collaborative environment that has fueled many critical discoveries in the labs and in treatment. We sat down with Ryan M. Winters, Manager - Biosample Repository Facility, Fox Chase Cancer Center for an exclusive sneak peek on what you should expect to learn.

Biobanking Market Forecast - SAMPLE REPORT

Biobanking Market Forecasts 2016-2026. Discover Prospects for Medical Research and Therapeutic Uses, Including Human Tissues, Fluids and Stem Cells.

How to Fast-track Drug Development Productivity: The Role of Innovation in Life Sciences

Does transforming ideas and discoveries into innovative products that improve patient outcomes or delight customers and consumers while reducing cost and improving ROI excited your shareholders? Find out more, in "In Innovation Without Transformation Insanity?" By Ellyn McMullin, Research Associate & Daniel R. Matlis, President

Compound and Biosample Management IT issues, Troubleshooting Guide

The global lab automation market is projected to reach $5.052 million by 2020, with compound management standing as a segment of this market. Lab automation is seen as a key way to return both time and money to compound management departments. Therefore, having sufficient automation technologies to handle and preserve the quality of samples and provide timely access to samples are at the heart of compound management.

4 Valuable Ways Technology in your Compound Management Workflow will Benefit You

Technology has moved us steadily forward to a place where more things are possible in shorter time frames than they ever were before. Incorporating technology in your compound management workflow is imperative to the R&D phase in drug discovery, by mitigating delays and offering opportunity gains to bringing innovative drugs to market. Have you embraced an automated system in your compound management facility?

[Official Press Release] 13th Compound and Sample Management Summit

The 13th Compound & Sample Management Summit is pleased to return to Philadelphia, PA, on August 28-30, 2017, with an exciting new speaker faculty and discussion topics surrounding all new emerging industry trends. The highly-anticipated 3-day summit will bring together early drug discovery experts, coming from both big pharma and small, to discuss innovative solutions that will optimize compound labs and biobanks.

Compound and BioSample Management Market Trend Report 2017

Last year in Pharma IQ’s Compound Management and Biobanking Activity tracker, around 20 compound management industry members and 28 biobanking industry members examined and pinpointed the most recent trends in both markets over the past year and the predicted trends on the horizon…


Trends in Compound & Sample Management

Next generation compound management– Where do we go from here? In this report, Pharma IQ examines the key challenges in compound management today, requirements for success and plans for investment. In this new report, we present a first look at the results from the Compound & Sample Management 2015 Survey and provide expert insight and analysis from key opinion leaders in the field on:

  • Ensuring IP integrity within a collaboration 
  • Automation and data 
  • Defining compound management processes 
  • Leveraging software to create effective compound management processes 
  • High-throughput screening


Compound Management Today: Abbvie's Head of Compound Management Tells All

Carsten Aprill, Head of Compound Management, Abbvie GmbH and Co KG, speaks to Pharma IQ about how automation has redefined compound management and which technology he thinks has had the best compound management application. Aprill also shares his top tip for a successful compound management strategy.

Pfizer & Merck on Trends in Compound & Sample Management

What are the biggest logistical challenges for global sample management? How have automated workflows improved the drug delivery process? What quality control methods are most effective? Cindy Schulz, Manager, Logistics & Data Management, Pfizer and Catherine Quintero, Senior Research Scientist, Merck Boston answer these questions and more about the trends in Compound and Sample Management. 

Top Tips for Managing Compounding Issues With Agility

Researchers and engineers handling time and temperature-sensitive substances work together despite cultural boundaries and differing technological workflows, which is a process that requires expertise and agility. How does one achieve this? To answer this question we asked two past speakers to share their expertise on workflows, automation and outsourcing.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: William Janzen, Executive Director, Lead Discovery, Epizyme

In lead up to the 13th Compound and Sample Management Summit, we sat down with William Janzen, Executive Director, Lead Discovery at Epizyme for industry insight into the challenges that both small and big pharma face, as well as key trends to look out for.  


Compound Bank Re-Engineering – Implementing New Technologies to Enable Cutting-Edge Assay Methods

Past speaker Gregory Wendel, Ph.D., Head, Sample Management and Engineering at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, goes into Novartis & NIBR organization, the Compound Bank Project, Adaptive Screening, and more in this past presentation.

The Development and Management of the Compound Library Consortium (CLC)

Peter Guzzo, Director, Drug Discovery at Albany Molecular Research, Inc., and past speaker at our summit, explores improving efficiencies in Drug Discovery, the challenges facing existing small molecule chemical library collections, and the framework for the Compound Library Consortium in this thorough past presentation.

Rapid Translational Research from Bench to Bedside and Back at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Heather Long and Asa Karlström

Past speakers Heather Long and Asa Karlström provide expert insight on the background of compound management in the Department of Chemical Biology and Therapeutics including communication between collaborators, tracking and QC of compounds and synergy concept and formatting. 

Sample to Screen: Process Improvements at Merck - Joseph E. Cowan and Edward M. Hudak

Past speakers Joseph E. Cowan and Edward M. Hudak discuss Discovery Sample Management: Enable drug discovery research through management of Merck’s chemical and biological assets, development of efficient materials management and process workflows, and innovative scientific engineering design.

Ensuring Data Quality in an Outsourcing Environment - Elizabeth Admirand

Past speaker Elizabeth Admirand, Principal Research Associate, Lead Discovery, shares insight into how Epizyme conducted detailed CRO site checks on a global scale.